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Shawn De Souza, one of the two survivors of last Tuesday’s deadly Charlestown cutlass attack,Michael Orozco Jersey, is said to be recovering well at the Georgetown Public Hospital.Up to press time yesterday De Souza was still a patient at the Georgetown Public Hospital’s High Dependency Unit.The other injured man Radesh Persaud is also said to be doing well. He was discharged from the hospital later on the evening of the incident.Meanwhile,Kyle Brodziak Jersey, a source told this newspaper that the post mortem on the two people who died in the cutlass attack,http://www.soccerpro.us.com/FC-Bayern-Munich/, Cedric Blackman and Ann Cham-a-Koon,Wayne Gretzky Jersey, will be done on Friday. This newspaper was also told that the matter will also have to engage the careful attention of the Director of Public Prosecution.There are some concerns by the relatives of the deceased that the killer might walk free. A close relative of Blackman expressed the view that the local judicial system does not provide for mentally ill persons.“This man can could walk free and go on de road and do it again or even if he go to prison he ain’t gon get no treatment and is de same thing he could do in prison,http://www.airmaxfantasy.us.com/Nike-Shox-Nz-Nike-Shox/,” the relative lamented.Many who knew the accused,Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Ben Revere Jersey, William Lyte, said that from time to time he would “trip out” and that Tuesday was just one of those times. However persons said they never expected him to be so violent.Tuesday morning Lyte carried out a daring daylight attack against Cedric Blackman in his home. The man then turned his attention on a woman who came out to see what was going on. She too was chopped to death. Radesh Persaud and Shawn De Souza were also injured.

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