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Police have released the two women who were implicated in a bizarre plot to kill Linda Phillips at her Industry,Atlanta Falcons Jersey, East Coast Demerara home last Thursday.A police source said that the women were released on station bail yesterday as detectives attempt to gather further evidence that may implicate them.They had been in custody since Thursday and police were apparently unable to detain them beyond 72 hours.Kaieteur News understands that police have not received a written statement from the University of Guyana graduate who allegedly participated in the attack on the victim,Wholesale Jerseys, Linda Phillips.The alleged mastermind gave police a typed statement that was prepared by her attorney, but she reportedly declined to speak with the police.Her attorney has said that his client denied any involvement in the attack on Phillips.Kaieteur News understands that investigators do not believe that they have sufficient evidence to charge the two women.Police hope that Linda Phillips, who is hospitalized with stab wounds, can identify her assailant,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, since this is crucial to the case.Gary Carrington,Arizona Diamondbacks Fernando Rodney Jersey, the victim’s reputed husband, expressed consternation that the two women were no longer in custody. He is fearful that the suspects might flee the jurisdiction.Phillips was stabbed in the back on Thursday when she invited a woman and a male companion into her house at Industry,Cheap Jerseys From China, East Coast Demerara.She alleged that the attackers had pretended to be health workers that were visiting the community.Her screams alerted residents who captured the female attacker and handed her over to the police. The male accomplice remains at large.The detained woman had reportedly told police that she was promised $130,NFL Jerseys Supply,000 to kill Phillips and that she had recruited an individual known as ‘Shawn Boy’ to assist her.

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