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A team from the Public Works Ministry and Reunion Manganese is executing rehabilitative works to upgrade the Mathews Ridge Airstrip, Region One. However,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, heavy rainfall in the district is affecting construction works.This is according to Alphonso Mangah, Assistant Aviation Inspector.During an interview with this publication yesterday,Adrian Wilson Cardinals Jersey, he related that the Ministry had hoped that the rehabilitative works could have been concluded within the next few days but heavy rainfall in the district is hindering the timeliness of works.Mangah explained that whenever it rains,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, sections of the runway patched with bitumen or filled with manganese,Wholesale NFL China Jerseys, are compromised and have to be fixed again.Last Friday Mangah and a team visited the airstrip, owing to complaints about its deplorable condition,Jerseys NFL Wholesale China, which has resulted in a reduction of flights to the area.? However, Roraima Airways continues to utilize the strip,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys Outlet, operating two flights daily.Some flight operators are utilizing the Baramita and Port Kaituma Airstrips as alternative entrances to the district. However, some residents find this inconvenient and are anxiously waiting for the Mathews Ridge facility to be rehabilitated.Mangah noted that the airstrip’s deterioration started in mid December 2011 owing to the absence of routine maintenance works and heavy rainfall. He stated that the person responsible for maintaining the airstrip left the area since the first week in December.When asked if a substitute was employed to maintain the airstrip, which usually accommodates eight flights daily, Mangah said he was uncertain what arrangements were made.He explained that although the airstrip would undergo routine maintenance works, for several years no rehabilitative works were executed owing to financial reasons. He added that half of the airstrip’s surface is bitumen and the other is laterite and manganese. The section with laterite and manganese is more deplorable.

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